Second Wind Solutions, LLC




Typical Management Team Goals/Strategic Alignment Efforts:


  • Accelerate month-end financial close process (strive to get to 10 days or under)
  • Achieve strategic alignment across business units/functional areas through consistent vision, direction, strategy and leadership message
  • Streamline “go to market” strategy combined/simplified sales effort
  • Focus on employee retention and employee relations issues
  • Develop competitive employee compensation and benefit packages to build talent pool
  • Hone in on equipment utilization issues
  • Research facility rental cost reductions with potential square footage reductions in overall business footprint (do more with less)
  • Look at overall fixed cost structure in overhead reductions where synergies can be obtained through the elimination of overlap and redundant corporate activities
  • Establish system of accountability in executive ranks through restructuring of reporting relationships to drive system of accountability deeper into the organization 


Ultimate management team goal: Drive consistent operating performance and restore profitability and stabilize cash flows to begin to effectively reduce debt leverage and increase overall combined entity value! (restore raises and/or establish bonuses!)